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Old Man Halate Zuni Fetishes

Rare Vintage Zuni Fetish Carvings

The Zuni Fetish Exchange buys and sells fine Zuni carvings from master carvers living and deceased

It is only from today's vantage point that we gain a perspective (a meaningful sense) of
Zuni fetish carvings. Time makes clear which Zuni carvers over the last 100
 years were most creative, influential or exceptionally proficient.
 Who set in motion ideas that continue to this day.

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Aaron & Thelma Sheche Collection

Zuni Fetish Fossil Ivory Frog and other carvings by Esteban Najera

Zuni Fetish Fossil Ivory Frog and other carvings by Esteban Najera

Rubin Najera Zuni Fetish Carvings

Zuni Fetishes carved by Ruben Najera

Homer / Leekya Zuni Fetish Carvings

Homer / Leekya Zuni Fetish Carvings

Albert Eustace Zuni Fetish Carvings

Staley Natewa Zuni Fetish Collection

Sheche Zuni Fetishes

Sheche Zuni Fetishes

Halate Fetishes

"Old Man" Leonard Halate Zuni Fetish Collection

Francis Leekya Zuni Fetish Collection

Sedonawolf has hundreds of top quality Zuni fetish Carvings, historical information,
carver biographies and great photos too - a must for every Zuni Fetish collector

About Zuni Fetish
The value of a Zuni fetish carving is a function of the law of supply and demand.
Zuni fetish prices will (and do) fluctuate. But, within that band of fluctuating
prices the long term trend is up. This stands to reason, the cost of materials,
tools and carvers' time all cost more now then 10, 20, or 100 years ago.

In general, the factors that determine the price of a Zuni fetish are; 
Carver, Material, Condition, Size, and the Carving itself. Of these,
the most important are the carver, the material,
and the condition.

Collecting blue chip Zuni Fetishes is a different matter and goes far
beyond these measurable considerations. When collecting historic, Zuni
fetishes consider the influence that the carver exerted upon the
 direction of art form itself.

What can we,
The Zuni Fetish Exchange and Sedonawolf, do for you:

1) We'll build you a world class Zuni fetish collection. Use
our expertise and contacts to help you acquire the finest
collection possible. We know authentic Zuni fetishes from
pretenders and fakes. For us the joy is in the hunt. We
want the thrill of ownership to be yours.

2) Creating your Zuni Fetish Collection through us will
avoid you costly mistakes that you may never recover from.
Zuni fetish copies, fakes and forgeries will never real value.

3) The Zuni Fetish Exchange and Sedonawolf stands behind 
every transaction. If you are not thrilled with your purchase
return it immediately to us (in the same perfect condition
you received it) and your money will be refunded.
Insured Postage both ways is yours

5) Sell your Zuni fetish collection or any part of it.
 We are in contact with collectors who want your rare Zuni
 fetishes. We will help you realize a fair price for your collection.
 We are particularly interested in Zuni fetish collections
that we helped build.

We are always interested in Zuni fetishes from these master carvers

Leekya Deyuse
Teddy Weahkee
Leo Poblano
David Tsikewa
"Old Man" Acque
Theodore Kucate
"Old Man" Leonard Halate
Bernard Homer Sr.
Aaron and Thelma Sheche
Francis Leekya

Emerson Quam
Edna Leki
Annie Quam
Faye Quandelacy
Sandra Quandelacy
Colvin Peina
Jeff Shetima
Staley Natewa
Lance Cheama
Wilfred Cheama
Dan Quam

Sarah Leekya
Ricky Laahty
Maxx Laate
Pernell Laate
Hayes Leekya
Delvin Leekya
Herbert Him


In order for us to purchase or trade your fetish, we need an accurate description
of the fetish (photos are better), its provenance (history), and your asking price. 
At that point, if we wish to proceed we will ask you to send us the
fetish for final approval and pricing.

Bear in mind, quality among fetishes can range from unacceptable to superb
 and copies made by members of the same Zuni family (or others) are not unusual.
Offshore and Domestic (non Zuni) forgeries are rampant.

**  If you do not know the carver or the value of your fetishes we will gladly
 document and appraise your fetish or your entire collection. There will
 be a 15% fee for this service.  However, any fetish that we buy, sell,
or trade, all appraisal fees will be waived.  Accurate appraisals
 require that we have the fetish in hand.  Photographs of
your fetishes will not be considered for appraisal.

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